Commercial premises in Elite residential neighborhood

Rīga, Strēlnieku iela


Residential Quarter Lofts & Rosegold - A Vivid Example of Two
the interplay of architectural art of different ages, the interaction where the old building is given a precious role, and the new one - the luxurious role of the Lofts beauty out of the pink gold.
Creating examples of contemporary architecture that can become monuments of the 21st century in the future, we treat the city gently, so we keep Lofts
The original look of the building, built in a solemn Neo-Renaissance style. Lofts building with brick facade decorated with pilasters, semicircular arch windows and decorative niches, with ceiling heights of 5 and 6 meters in apartments, will become the only loft-style dwelling in its pure form in the quiet center of Riga.
Within the frame we chose pink gold, because it is a luxurious, warm metal that allows us to discover the mystical qualities of the stone with which it is connected.
The Rosegold residential building will accommodate 70 apartments with terraces, balconies or with their own area.
The Rosegold building supposedly protects Lofts and highlights its beauties, bay windows and the upper floors set gently into the lofts building.
Modern design, wall parts lined with bricks made by 19th century hands, background music, a mix of time and centuries, and the understanding that I don't want to go anywhere from here, and most importantly, there's no need anywhere because you are at home It will be the main gift for the residents of the quarter.
The main idea behind the interiors is the combination of two buildings into one.
Lofts & Rosegold's heart will be the main lobby-hall with an area of ​​220 m2, ceiling height of 4.20 meters, with a 3-meter-long fireplace and all at the end with a glass roof. In the cold winter evenings, in the starry nights of August, in Rosegold in the fall or in the blooming spring, it will become the center of attraction and the center of communication of the inhabitants of the quarter (but perhaps also the center of cultural life, the dimensions allow it)


3 260 300 EUR

Price m² 3 313 EUR / m²
Premises area 984 m²
Land area - m²
Floor 1 / -
Premises -