Elegant and renovated building in one of the Riga center park

Rīga, Vingrotāju iela


Fully restored historic building, built in 1868 as the first gymnasium. Since the building was built, there was a gymnastics there, and the name of "Vingrotāju" Street came from there. In 2014, the building was bought by a private investor, who completely renovated and restored by investing 3.5 million euros. The new investor renovated the building as a private clinic with doctors' offices and fully equipped medicine premises. The layout and configuration of the building also allows the building to be used for other functions, such as for one company's office needs (attorneys, Internet technologies or other office needs). Car can be driven to building from "Valdemāra" Street.

The building is equipped with several modern and powerful ventilation and conditioning systems, as well as its own diesel generator, which can be used if necessary. The building has two staircases with two lifts (one is a cargo size lift).
The 1st floor of the building is designed as a reception with a large waiting room, a cafe and a gym.
The 2nd and 3rd floors of the building thanks to the high ceilings are located on two levels, on the 2nd floor there are 9 rooms and on the 3rd floor 5 rooms (plans can be changed).
At the 4th floor of the building there are 15 rooms.
On the 5th floor of the building there are 2 large conference rooms and 6 office rooms.
The basement is divided into separate units, which can be used as a "back office" or a warehouse.


20 000 EUR

Price m² 8 EUR / m²
Premises area 2 500 m²
Land area 767 m²
Floor - / -
Premises -