We offer management of real estate owned by or being in possession of legal entities and natural persons. We also manage business assets of the commercial property segment, such as shares, securities, a variety of property rights, obligations or the rights to use, as well as equipment, technologies and intellectual property ensuring present or future income to the asset owner or holder.

Our goal is to provide clients with the maximum amount of income, assessing the condition of the particular asset, the current market situation and future prospects, as well as developing a long-term programme that provides preservation and long-term growth of the asset value.

The management process covers everything from determining the best method for the use of the assets to securing regular income to the owner.

Standard solutions used in the management process:

  • Assessment of asset usage and recommendation
  • Involvement of leaseholders and attraction of other sources of income
  • Drawing up lease or other income agreements and documentation and direction of the process
  • Management or technical maintenance services and process control
  • Monitoring of all agreements and documents related to the maintenance of assets
  • Income/expenditure monitoring and payments
  • Securing the client’s income