Riga active city centre transforms, but still preserves its constant value

Riga active city centre – safe and constant value both from the point of view of investment and choosing this …

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How to not overpay when buying property

6 suggestions to consider before saying “yes” to a new home Purchasing real property is one of life’s most important …

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80% of apartments in the KALNCIEMA KVARTĀLA Rezidences project have already been sold, only 36 apartments are still available

When interested persons have particularly activated at the end of the last year, the number of apartments available in the …

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The border of the close and remote centre of Riga is only psychological

The remote centre of Riga gradually converges with the close centre As a result of development and renewal of the …

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Loft apartments – elite housing, which gives a sense of freedom!

100 years ago… The term “loft” originates from the English “loft” (attic, top floor of warehouse, trade or factory building). …

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Real estate company IMMOSTATE strengthens its market position by joining the brands

Real estate company IMMOSTATE shall from now on operate as a full-service company by joining the commercial property company IMMOSTATE …

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