Our services

Residential real estate department

Our customers’ interest in residential properties and the acquisition of land is very high and persistent. In order to make their dreams and ideas come true, people look for different types of real estate for sale and rent – apartments, private houses, housing in new projects. We listen to individual needs and find the best solution for each customer. Immostate team is ready to work for their customers and invest time in researching real estate objects, offering a number of real estate options to find the most appropriate solution together with the customer and conclude the most favourable transactions. Contact us >>>

Commercial real estate department

The main strengths of Immostate Commercial Real Estate Department are the extensive information base and expertise accumulated over the years. For example, we have a single database of office centres, which contains up-to-date information on vacant premises. We also offer an abundant selection of retail spaces, and the customer can always be sure that they will receive the most extensive offer possible and will be sure of their choice. Our biggest assets: information security, excellent cooperation, expertise, an extensive database and a great result that satisfies our customers! Contact us >>>

Investent department

Immostate team includes professionals with huge experience in the implementation of investment projects of various scopes. We advise our customers on how to make the most profitable real estate investments in Riga and Latvia, as well as offer them our services related to acquisition, development and management of real estate. Our database contains a number of development objects, such as house properties, land, commercial premises, cash flow and business objects – shopping centres, office buildings, restaurants. Contact us >>>

Management Department

We relieve our clients of their worries about the management of their property and business assets (shares, securities, equipment, technology, intellectual property, etc.). Our experience, which has been steadily accumulated over the course of more than ten years, lets our clients know that their property and assets will be managed according to the best business practices and in the highest quality. Our expertise in attracting clients and our knowledge of the current market situation gives us the edge in identifying the best scenario for using property or assets to increase income and facilitate development, so the clients can be sure that they will be provided with the opportunity to receive maximum income by reasonable costs, and that the value of their assets shall be preserved and increased in the long-run. Furthermore, our knowledge of building maintenance allows ensuring adequate and predictable costs. Contact us >>>

Valuation Department

Gints Apsītis, Head of Immostate Valuation Department: “I have been working in the field of real estate valuation since 1999 – for more than 15 years. During that time, I have been involved in more than 2.500 different real estate property valuations all throughout the territory of Latvia. The expertise of our Valuation Department can be attributed not only to its collective experience accumulated over the years and its professional skills, but also to its ability to analyse processes and prospects of development not only in the context of a separate property unit, but also on the market as a whole. We have conducted a number of analytical studies on the real estate market and worked with large-scale property investment and development projects.” Contact us >>>